Britain's Gardens: A private passion and a public disgrace.


It wouldn't be difficult to find people to fulfil these roles: this very thing has happened, to wondrous effect, in the Kitchen Garden of Chiswick House. The results might not be masterpieces in the picturesque tradition, but Ruskin and Morris would certainly have approved.

Daily Telegraph, 30 Jan 2009

Last chance to see the gardens before change

The open day on September 21 will also be the last opportunity to experience the magic trails around the kitchen garden forest which, under the new plans, will be cleared for future planting.

During the open day visitors will be able to inspect the late summer colour in the cutting bed, an extensive collection of different types of pumpkins and squashes and all the other fruit, vegetables and herbs growing at this harvest festival season.

Richmond and Twickenham Times, 26 August 2008

New charity status for kitchen garden

Richmond and Twickenham Times, 13 August 2008

Someone came back from Peru with 19 varieties of sweetcorn

Evening Standard, 23 April 2008 (pdf, 1.6 MB)

London's Secret Gardens

Time Out, 8 April 2008

As you walk around the perimeter of Chiswick House’s grounds you are instantly struck by the grand gateways, the great walls and the majestic building itself.

Then you discover the secret 17th century kitchen garden on the outskirts of the land. The garden is so hidden away it was actually locked up and forgotten about for many years until someone climbed over the wall to discover what lay behind.

Live for Gardening, 2007

fabulous ... different, quirky, educational

Gardeners' World, BBC TV, September 2006

Most Londoners dream of finding a quiet corner of the capital to escape to when the rat race becomes too much. Away from the roar of engines, out of earshot of beeping mobile phones and laptops, and far from the cries of an irate boss.

The London Informer, 24 March 2006

Anger after Chiswick House car park proposal submitted by mistake

Richmond and Twickenham Times, 11 Nov 2005

Chiswick House Kitchen Garden kicks off autumn season of school visits, 21 October 2005

Where kids can get fresh

Sunday Times, 9 July 2005

a real treat for garden historians and anyone who appreciates neglected places where the atmosphere of the past is still tangible ... an opportunity to see an inspired regeneration project in its embryonic stage.

Time Out, 11 May 2005