Tuesday, December 16, 2008

End of an era...?

We finished the year with a couple of excellent sessions. Grove Park School, the first school ever to come and work with us, were also the last, and we harvested fresh fennel, lettuce and rocket to eat with our pumpkin soup.

A team from Nichol UK came to help us move our sheds. Because of the building work re-pointing and wiring the walls for fruit trees, everything near the walls must be moved away, and Nichol carried this out with skill and enthusiasm. They have also donated us a big new shed (and erected it!) to store all our equipment in during the building works.

Members of staff from HSBC came to help in the garden for two days, one for local Chiswick staff, and one for a group of London managers. With great cheerfulness in Arctic conditions they re-laid paths and sorted out our remaining compost heaps. HSBC have very generously offered to support our school sessions, when/if these recommence.

Most of the heritage varieties of apples and pears for the walled gardens that were ordered last year arrived and have been planted temporarily pending the completion of the building works. Fifty hardy volunteers turned up last Sunday – our last session, very cold and grey – to sort these out. Well done to all the volunteers for their efforts regardless of the weather!