Friday, February 06, 2009

Current state of the Kitchen Garden

The Daily Telegraph has launched a call to arms about the state of our public parks. It bemoans their decline, calling it a public disgrace that 'we are left with a tale of private affluence and public squalor.'

'Why do we put up with it? Britain has some of the most imaginative gardeners in the world: why aren't they leading a revolt against the bureaucrats who want to deny ordinary people the natural beauty they are programmed to enjoy? Rise up, I say. If councils aren't prepared to look after public parks, it is time they handed them over to garden co-operatives, formed by local residents.

It wouldn't be difficult to find people to fulfil these roles: this very thing has happened, to wondrous effect, in the Kitchen Garden of Chiswick House. The results might not be masterpieces in the picturesque tradition, but Ruskin and Morris would certainly have approved.'

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